My Philosophy

I may have been given some extra gray matter when put here on Earth, but Dr. Donnalee Markus has a program that allows me to collect more information, sort & organize it in innovative way, and consider it in a broader spectrum.

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my side gig

It shows various applications of my capabilities: in marketing, in technology, and in operations. There are numerous examples to review and informative links in different media. Your feedback is welcome.

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my current book

It is a companion site to my book. The site visualizes economic trends during the period 1962-1984. The book contains focused research of domestic economics and manufacturing shifts that are missing in current scholarship.

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B-school helped me apply new traits & behaviors. Product innovations, strategies, and leadership are now much clearer to me. It also made me acutely aware of how much time there is in a day. So I try to make the most of the week.


  • 2018

    Blog Post Title

    Welcome to my identity site. This Word Press site provides a common locale for my varied interests. It also gives me the opportunity to learn & develop these communications tools. Over time, I intend to use blog posts to speculate on current industry topics, humanize your company, and show how my knowledge and services can […]