Robert Moses, Power Project Papers

Power Authority of the State of New York

The waters of the Niagara River have a dual value. One is the hydroelectric potential; the other conservation, preservation and enhancement of the Falls and the Niagara escarpment from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The object of the International Niagara River Treaty of 1950 was to meet both of these objectives. It permitted a substantial increase in electric power development with carefully planned remedial works at the Rapids above the Falls in order to spread the flow, improve scenic values, and divert water for power. This treaty, for the first time in history, stipulated a minimum flow over the Falls at all times, and the United States and Canada sharing equally in the additional water…. The Authority fought vigorously in the 83rd Congress (1953-1955) against private utilities for the right to preserve in State hands the inalienable resources of the Niagara, to enhance the scenic beauty of the Falls and to develop the hydroelectric potential, in the interest of the people as provided by State law. 15


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The results demonstrate the economic impact of water diverted from the Niagara River on this date.

Choose a date between January 1, 1962 and December 31, 1984

Mike McGrath
The figures represent the river's volume and velocity. It also demonstrates how much water is removed for electrical production. From that value, one can consider how business and government transform water into wealth.
Niagara Hudson

This is the price for 1 share in the licensed operator of the Power Project. Generally, shares were sold in a lot of 100 shares. One also provided 100% of the total price to the broker for the purchase.
NYS Power Authority
These are the annual financial performance figures reduced to a daily expression for the State Authority. Given that the Power Project represents the bulk of the revenue and little expense, this is the profit of the State and the people of New York.
Bonneville Power Authority
These are similar figures for a larger regulator on the Columbia River. Their profits accrue more to Federal Government than the states of the Pacific Northwest.
Tennesee Valley Autority
These are similar figures from a similar regulator on the Tennessee River. Its profits accrue to itself rather than the Federal Government or states of the Old South.

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