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3 Data collection in progress
16 Not that graduates were any smarter: When asked at college, "Where did you go to High School?", a freshman from Niagara Falls will say, "High School". The person asking the question would usually respond, "You must be from Niagara Falls."
17 Wilson, P. W. "School Bells Ring"
18 Bobinski, G. "Carnegie Libraries: Their History and Impact on American Public Library Development". ALA, 1969
19 Giedion, S. "Space, Time and Architecture"
20 Rohan T. "The Architecture of Paul Rudolph." Yale University Press, 2014
21 For example, a one needed $99.99 of coal to heat one’s house for a day and it cost about $11.00 to heat one’s house with electricity in 1960.
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